Pythos' Project Page
By: Chip Swieringa


Project Light Bridge
Presenting High-Power BridgeLux
LED Arrays
Project Soul Mirror
Exotic & Extreme
OmniGoth Radioisotope Display
Radionuclide Photoluminescence
Project M@g633
'The Vivisector Of Darkness'
Project Rebel
Extreme Vehicle Lighting Upgrade
Project Dual Blaster
Unique Dual-Mode Lighting Solution
WitteLux 1320
Superior Color Maximum Power
a.k.a. Uranium Geranium


This is the promotional video I created for the Shawnee FlashBlaster 9,000,000,000.
This video accompanied the flashlight I built as a gift for The Shawnee Family:


My introductory video project using Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.
Showcasing the errie and unnatural images of shots Ivy Mike, Castle Bravo, and others:


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