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The WitteLux 1320 is the ultimate result of a vision to build a versatile and extremely high-output portable LED lighting solution that employs the superior color rendering capabilities of pure incandescent light.


Key Features

• 1320 Lumens Maximum Output

• 3700K Warm Color Temperature

• Five Selectable Output Levels

• Programmable User Interface

• Heavy-Duty Active Cooling System

• PyTHoS Custom Texture Coating


1320 Lumens BridgeLux Arrays

The key to the WitteLux 1320’s exceptional light output is its three
leading-edge BridgeLux BXRA-W0400 Warm White emitters.

Each BridgeLux emitter contains 9 individual LED dies and produces 440 lumens
of natural 3700K color temperature light. That totals to 27 individual LED dies and a maximum output of 1320 lumens!

The three wide-angle specialty optics evenly distribute light output in a broad 25 degree beam pattern.
This pattern is optimized for work lighting and area lighting.


Smart Electronics

A state-of-the-art programmable user interface has been implemented into the WitteLux 1320 to offer complete versatility and configurability for maximizing light runtime and battery longevity.

The LED driver circuitry provides a constant 2.8A drive current allowing for 27 watts of total LED power output.

Selectable light levels and user programmability are provided by a d2Flex micro-controller. Programmability features include:

  • ‘Big Green’ switch controlled user interface
  • On-the-fly light level configurability
  • Permanent non-volatile memory (EEPROM)
  • Customizable power-on modes
  • Programmable Auto-Sleep function
  • ~800Hz Pulse Width Modulation LED dimming
  • Alternative program modes: Bicycle, Fixed, Portable


Heavy-Duty Active Cooling System

The foundation of the WitteLux 1320’s cooling system is its heavy-duty aluminum heat sink. It is a segmented design, fabricated from a single extruded aluminum heat sink.

Thermal epoxy bonds the segments together.

Dual 30mm fans were selected for the WitteLux 1320’s Active Cooling System. This increases maximum LED brightness, significantly extends LED lifetime, and eliminates dangerous heat sink temperatures.

Rigorous testing has been employed to ensure continuous thermal stability in many temperature conditions. Fan voltage has been regulated to a constant 11.5v for guaranteed heat sink cooling regardless of battery voltage.


Thermal Management and Heat Capacity Testing

The following graph depicts the results of thermal testing WITH and WITHOUT active cooling. This chart also demonstrate the substantial heat capacity of the custom WitteLux 1320 heat sink.

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PyTHoS Custom Texture Coating

A special high durability textured coating has been applied to the WitteLux 1320 to provide improved grip and a unique highly-customized appearance.

The housing was carefully masked and sanded for maximum coating adhesion.

The coating is applied then cured under high temperature.

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The WitteLux 1320 is a carefully designed and hand built, one-of-a-kind creation intended to provide a lifetime of use and versatility.


Created and Documented By: Chip Swieringa - - ©2010


Last Updated - June 11, 2010