The Mag633 is an extremely high output custom flashlight with a maximum light output of ~6000 Lumens. It is characterized by its easy to carry 2D sized Maglite body and is renowned for being able to ignite newspaper in seconds!


15.6v Custom Battery Pack

Flashlights of this extreme level are essentially an engineering exercise in battery technology. They strive to pack the greatest amount of power in a small handheld sized device. These battery packs were hand made by LuxLuthor of CandlePower Forums .

They consist of thirteen 2/3A form factor, 1.2v, 1500mAh cells totaling a nominal pack voltage of 15.6v. Due to the extreme duty they face in this application, they must be able to handle greater than 10A current draw. Which they do. :)

Fitting the battery pack within the body requires that the host be 'tri-bored' along the length of its inside surface.


15.6v Custom Battery Pack - Tail Spring

The standard Maglite tail spring is discarded and a spring is integrated into the battery pack. This saves enough space to allow the addition of the pack's 13th cell.


High-Temp Parts

Every part of the light must be upgraded to handle the extremely high temperatures generated by the Mag633's bulb.

  • An aluminum reflector that can withstand nearly 800°F is essential.
  • A Borofloat lens made of borosilicate glass is necessary to withstand the thermal shock of such high temperatures.
  • The fluted head helps dissipate heat and decreases cool down time.



Osram 64633

This bulb is the heart of the Mag633 and is the 'Blade of the Vivisector'. The 64633 is a G6.35 bi-pin halogen bulb manufactured by Osram. It is rated at 150 watts at 15v. It can ignite fires and blind onlookers.

Click for CLOSE-UP!!

*For an example of fire starting - See my Ignition Video!


Have Fun!

The Mag633 is an impressive and fun project. It will forever remain one of my most awe inspiring and powerful lights!


Created and Documented By: Chip Swieringa - - ©2010


Last Updated - January 4, 2010