Created By: Chip Swieringa -


I was inspired by a few different lighting technologies I had seen, and envisioned building this unique, strange and eerie lighting project. Simple versions of this type of light are sometimes called 'Nuke Jars'. This extreme version is known as:




The OGRD is based on three key components:


Uranium Marbles are the foundation of the OGRD.

These marbles are infused with ~3% natural Uranium (U238). They are 5/8 inch and 1 inch in diameter.


Why Uranium??

Awesome fluorescence!


Ultra-Violet Source

In order to fluoresce, these marbles required a strong UV Source.
I am using a Quad arrangement of 12 inch cold cathodes.


Air Flow

I installed a 30mm fan to keep the cold cathode inverters from burning up during extended runtimes.


Ultra-Violet Installation

The inverters are neatly arranged in the base and the Quad bulb array is centered
in the glass tube.


Clear Mixture

To enhance the errie random refraction effect I created a 50/50 mixture of clear glass marbles.
This picture shows the difference in clarity between the two types.


To The Top

Marbles filled to the top and UV lights on.
This is how it appears under normal desk lighting.


Darkness - Reign of the OmniGoth



Created and Documented By: Chip Swieringa -


Last Updated - June 4, 2009